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Quick Valves INC. Southern California’s premier Earthquake Valve Company. We have one job and that’s to provide you peace of mind.  We specialize in earthquake valves and earthquake retrofitting and by only doing this we are able to provide the most competitive pricing anywhere.  Earthquake valves are required in the City Of Los Angeles and West Hollywood and soon throughout the County of Los Angeles. 

Most Insurance companies also provide discounts on Homeowners Insurance if an Earthquake valve is installed. 

Protect the two most priceless things in life, your family and your home and all its possessions!  Be ready for the BIG ONE!!!!! Contact Us today for order and pricing information.

The purpose of a gas shut off valve is to cut the flow of gas to your house in the event of an earthquake. Each device has a mechanism inside which activates and blocks the flow of gas. Different manufacturer's have their own unique methods of restricting gas flow but they all operate in essentially the same way. With an automatic gas shut off valve installed, the gas will automatically turn off in case of a 5.4 earthquake or greater. Which, besides the obvious safety factor, provides you with the most important thing of all, peace of mind. Plus by having Quickvalves.com install your automatic gas shut off valve you receive the added benefits of...

Knowing your family and your property are safe. Nothing is more important.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
24 hour Customer Service Support
Quality Products Installed
Billing Thru Escrow
A Licensed & Insured Company
2 Year Installation Warranty
Insurance Companies require it...shouldn’t you? Protect your family and protect your investment.

Automatic Gas shut off valve Installed
(Standard Installs)

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