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We are the best in the industry! We specialize in Gas Shut off valves, which is the most important device your home can have in case of an earthquake. Without this valve your home and family are vulnerable to the effects of an earthquake.

Why use Quick Valves?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Quality Products Installed
Quick response to any questions or concerns.
2 year installation warranty.
Specific warranty depends on valve installed. 30 year on parts*
24 hour customer service support
24 hour Turnaround
Can be billed thru Escrow
Licensed & Insured

Automatic Gas shut off valve Installed
(Standard Installs)

24 Hour Turnaround / 7 DAYS A WEEK / Se Habla Espanol

Please call for more information and pricing on Non-standard installations. Also, call for multiple meter specials. (1-562-897-1616)

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