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While making sure that your property is equipped with gas shut off valves, we also feel that you should retrofit other areas of your home that need updating. We offer a wide range of retrofitting services to help you maintain your property with the most up-to-date, energy efficiency equipment. Set up an appointment for a retrofitting inspection and find out how affordable safety can be!

Retrofitting Inspection: FREE

DWP Certification of Compliance
Single Family Dwelling $25.00
Multifamily $10.00 per additional toilet

Standard 12” Low Flush Toilet w/ installation $175.00
10” & 14” Low Flush Toilet w/ installation Starting at $250.00

Shower Heads $25.00

Toilet Water Line $25.00

Smoke Detectors
Battery operated $25.00
Hard Wire replacement $55.00
Hard Wire New Installation $125.00

Water Heaters
Standard 75 gallon Double Strap $85.00
Pressure Relief Valve w/ installation $75.00
Installation of drain pipe $65.00

Please call for more information and pricing on retrofitting and let one of our helpful representatives walk you through the most cost effective measures for your home.

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