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With an Emergency Gas Shut Off Valve installed on your gas meter, regardless if your home or not you can rest assured that in case of an earthquake 5.4 or greater your gas flow into the home or business will be automatically shut off.

We use the best valves on the market:


Little Firefighter


Now is the time to install an Emergency Gas Shut Off Valve before the law makes it mandatory & prices increase. All Standard Installations: $249.00+tax (Includes valve and installation labor).

Standard installation includes: Non-Standard installation includes:
Single gas valve for 1 meter
3/4 gas valve
Above ground gas meter next to home
Adequate accessibility around gas meter
Within Los Angeles City limits
Underground vault meter
Underneath the house meter
Stand alone meter
Any gas piping larger than 3/4 inch
Commercial installation
City Permits
Depending on Destination of job site
Drive time fees may apply to jobs in Orange County ($20.00) and San Bernadino ($25.00)

Please call for more information and pricing on Non-standard installations. Also, call for multiple meter specials. (1-562-897-1616)

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